There once were cows who left their farmer

The world was a sword and the cows his armor

He came to Buddha and his monks one day

And said so hopelessly “My cows ran away.”

Buddha hadn’t seen them, he pitied the man

For reasons his monks did not understand

Buddha told them “This man was sad because he had cows to loose”

He was holding onto happiness only fate could choose

So everywhere he traveled he looked for black and white

He searched for his cows for the rest of his life

If he didn’t have cows, he would have nothing

He suffered so much to end his own suffering

“That’s absurd” many must think

It’s like swimming with an anchor so you don't sink

But all of us do it too

Think about your life, you’ll see its true

For years it seems I asked myself “How?”

When Buddha said “free your cows.”

I chased after love I had never known

I thought I couldn’t be happy alone

Hoping that if someone would finally want me

It would stop the sorrow that haunts me

Everyone said “Love will set you free”

But it’s your prison so you have the key

I was chasing after something I couldn’t even see

I looked in the mirror and thought ‘how can this be?’

I tried to change everything but still I was me

The world was spinning and I was shaken

That is when I was awaken

I feel like this because of a boy

To me he was hope but I was a toy

What you thought saved you left me destroyed

I don’t need love to still feel joy

I feel joy from stars in the night

I feel joy in ending a fight

I feel joy in my plane taking flight

I don’t need love to feel this delight

I can finally see what I’ve always known

The cows are free, they were never my own


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