I’m having a COVID moment right now
We, the people in the world are in COVID movement right now and
We are going through COVID hard times right now.

The people of Africa are suffering
Boarders are closed, but still naughty ones are passing
Through unapproved roots.
Creating fear and panic into people living around these boarders
We want to go to our hometowns said the head porters
These women and children are struggling
In the city, their wondering
Maybe, just maybe, some are saying
Even in their hometowns they wouldn’t be suffering
To make ends meat.

Instead of them showing their humanity
Their rather showing their cruel personalities
In our various localities
In this abnormal times.

Normal times, Oh lovely normal times
How I wish we were in normal times
Were everybody can go and do their various duties,

But we have to forgo all these things
Because of one,
Because of one unseen enemy
This virus that has infected over one million people world wide
This virus that has brought pain and suffering into the world

I cannot complain, but
This too shall pass
The needy one’s are in agony
Because they are going hungry
But now they are angry
Because the saving hands of the humanitarians hasn't reached them yet.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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