From sneaky squid to blue jay impressionists, deceit abounds in the animal kingdom
Nature is brutal, and some animals evolve their own sneaky ways of surviving
The ancestors passing deceit to her offsprings as Hierdom
A nation of great repetition of compromising
Filled with blue Jay's trait of lies as a way to stardom
Justice the only movies with quick ending
Deception starts from those in the seat of dogedom
Equivocation is the taxonomic fluid exhibiting
Concealment grows and established it fandom
Lies, untruthful, forms a partner with misinterpreting,
Understatement is the master technology our leaders are purchasing
All we need to survive is wisdom
Cos deception a poison of rivers flowing un mopped the office of clerkdom
Every news a burning death heard from the courtyard of fiefdom
Our little sacrifices is what our leaders are wasting
They tell us lies and steal our bowl of freedom
Make us poor and feed their whoredom
It won't last cos a community that will say no will soon awake
Time is the factor determining

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Our world


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