Cover Me Gently in Eternal Sleep


Who had covered me gently while I slumbered in fragrant spring


Who blindfolded me from the crimson blood tainting the pure white snow

The time in which we spent

will be forever embedded in the web of scarlet

in my bosom,

in my soul,

on my conscience.

For the scars on your ephemeral body

are the marks of honor and loyalty

that you blindly follow,

charging forth

Never looking back.


With the hands that sinned,

yet gently soothed me,

You uphold the code of days gone by

That separates warriors from cowards

The humble from the greedy

The dreamers from the fools...


Like the moon that fears to be alone, cling to the sky

Let me embrace you in these final moments

within this isolation of mourning red lilies,

to return the loving service and gentleness that you gave


As we lay together in the disappearing dream,

Let us slumber in eternal sleep




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