I am a cold October night in a little town
7 pounds, 6 ounces, a bundle of joy
An ironic name given as a joke towards father who said I would be a boy
I am quite literally the Karma Gene
That never quite went right 
The child who used to cry at night
I am my insecurities, my fear of being larger 
Perhaps thats what I am with #nofilter, nothing but flaws
That was outside not inside and if insides what counts
I am naieve, shy, and intellegent
I am afraid of love because others in my past 
Who showed me that fear is the only thing that will last
I am who I was made to be 
'The model daughter' perhaps would most see
Thats still who I am, still a part of me
Daily I change and my world changes with me
I'm creative and loud and fiesty 
My mouth literally has very little filter 
I'm a 'classy young lady' 
Whose mind is in the gutter
I am who I set my mind to be
I am a woman in a world obsessed with perfection,
Who never tries to be perfect, but unique and me
Blonde dyed hair, scars, brown eyes
Large ears, big thighs
Perhaps I am 'just what people see on the cover'
But how would you know if you've never read past it? 


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