Wed, 09/03/2014 - 09:19 -- aje1084

Pink blankets and balloons, congratulations it’s a girl.

Everywhere frills and lace laying beautifully and delicately.

Barbies, dolls, little homemade kitchens.

Clean, bake, smile.

Lipstick, training bras, mascara,

Cover-up any imperfection.

Stand up straight, smile always, be delicate, be lady-like.

High heels, skirts, flowing dresses. Don’t run, walk one foot in front of the other, slowly and beautifully.

Hair in place, flawless skin, cover-up, cover-up, cover up everything that you are.

Look at her beauty, not her mind, nothing has ever been cultivated there.

Look at her lined eyes, her smoldering lips. Don’t listen to the wisdom you see or the words you could hear.

See the way her skirt flows, tight at the waist then follows every curve.

Her lips move yet all you can think about is what she looks like with her clothes off.

Another trophy you can add to your collection.

Pink blankets and balloons, congratulations it’s a girl.

Everywhere lace, cotton, some frills.

Dolls, Legos, and bug catchers.

Play, build, discover.

Hair-ties, training bras, sunscreen,

Let the world hear your spirit.

Run free, lead, discover, make mistakes, and find solutions.

Her face, glowing in the evening sun, intently watching, learning.

Look at her beauty, it stems from her mind.

Look at her eyes, the wisdom speaks for itself, though the mouth makes it clearer.

See the way her mind creates, discovers, and builds.

Listen with your eyes, ears, with everything. Don’t be limited to the cover in which she lies.

Another person you can share your life with.


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