Courageous Sam

There once was a boy named Sam.

He was a good boy, one who said, "No, sir," and "Yes, ma'am."

In his little town there lived a girl.

This girl was kind and gentle, but she made Sam feel as if he could hurl.

Her voice made his knees weak, his spine shake.

Whenever he approached the girl, his lips began to quake.

Sam was confused by this peculiar sensation.

He thought, "I can speak to any other girl in the nation!"

"Why, I'm not afraid of no girl!" thought he.

What Sam did next would go down in that little town's history!

He scraped and he saved and he saved and he scraped...

To raise money for a balloon which he blew into shape.

The balloon was a present, a gift for the girl.

He hoped she would like it, or, at least, give it a whirl.

Sam approached her that very next day in the park.

The girl was just standing, her face very stark.

Sam's breath was heavy, too heavy it seems,

for the girl turned so quickly, it threw off Sam's dreams!

In a moment of panic, Sam took to flight

and left the girl standing, curious of the running boy's plight.

The boys of this town took from this tale one thing:

In a moment of decision, do not let fear be your king.


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