Is courage just the ability to do
something that frightens one? Or is it something more than that? It could just only be when you get the
strength to overcome that fear to do something to protect the one you care for or even do what is right. It's not just when you have the strength to do something when you're afraid.

 Just like in the animated cartoon Courage The Cowardly Dog. Basically in all the episodes Muriel is always getting into some mishap and which also always ends up being a fear of Courage's. Then Courage has to get over his fears to save Muriel. And in some of those cases he has to over come his hatred of her husband Eustace and save him too. In one episode Muriel is out in the garden at night checking on the crops. She notice that there's been some rodent activity. She goes and investigates. Then she gets bit by a weremole. It basically gives her rabies and turns her insane. Courage has to overcome all these types of fears to get her the cure. The. He saves her by midnight.


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