The Country of Red Stripes and White Stars

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 02:45 -- Anayia

My country tis of thee, foul land of misery

That’s what I see

Land of the white man’s lies

Land of the minorities’ cries

That’s what I see

The worlds got it all wrong

America’s liberty, once ours, is now gone

No ones got any say

Women’s rights are what are used to pay

For the beginning and end of an era yet to come

If we don’t make a change, who will we blame?

Who will take the fall- carry the shame?

My country tis of the, we can make history

I do believe

We can still make a change

Love, hope, laughs, will take the place

Of the killing, hate and evil that reside thus far

In the country of red stripes and white stars

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My country
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