This Country

We come from small town U.S.A.

We come from far and wide

Each of us here, bare a different hide

No two of us the same in our beliefs and what we see

But the love of this country stretches, from sea to shining sea


The Star Spangled Banner reminds us of our past and history

Without this lovely country, just imagine what we’d be

To each, their own, I know

We may never all agree

We are still, one big country, from sea to shining sea


We walk on different paths, some may remain unknown

We fear too much to reap the seed that we have sewn

Nonetheless, we reach out, to help a neighbor in need

Each of us always wondering, what it’s like to be truly free

We ask ourselves each day, praising this land, from sea to shining sea


America is beautiful, and this we do believe


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