Counting trees...

Counting trees, the world is spinning

too many stars in the sky

too many fishes swimming below the surface

Can we stop with the abbreviations,

the rights, the wrongs, can’t we take those somewhere else?

More heart-shaped lockets than actual love

Dozens of roses that ask for forgiveness.

Is that enough?

More forgiving, more apologies

“Good books make better friends”

Stay secluded, the work of wearing a mask is too much.

Is this all?

All these mechanical giants take up time and space.

But so addicting.

Rather stay with them than others.

So much time is lost thinking of the unreachable green light.

That is what most of this is, isn’t it?

Imagining a better tomorrow, imagining a perfect future.

We’ve set ourselves up.

We are losing sight of reality more and more.

Into the deep end we go.

Trying to breathe with the fishes,

but we’re not built the same.

Trying to shine like the stars,

but we’re not of the same nature.

There must be more.

More than this.

More that we can be, that we can do.

Isn’t there something?



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