Count Down

10 are sleeping under ground,

hush and don't you make a sound.

9 below they slowly wake, 

coming for your breath to take.

8 ascend the steps in woe,

as they slowly, surely go.

7 moments pass away,

then the mist begins to fade.

6 the number of their hate,

that many steps until the gate.

5 how many shouted out,

and their screams that drowned it out.

4 are what are running still,

the others didn't make the hill.

3 more times they moaned aloud,

coming in their deathly shroud.

2 the number they have left,

it's your life they've come to theft.

1 more breath is all you've got,

before they get to what they sought.

So run and run and run again,

land don't forget to count to ten.




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