Could Have Been Will Be

It's not that I'm soaring, more of flying

Perhaps soaring, escalating

It is a gradual ascent but when

you're horizontal seemingly rushing to 

uppermost borders of the world, it all seems to be a rush.

Nonetheless, those earthly societal borders are broken

and now I'm drifitng through the cosmos


Often it is cold on this earthly stage

I can see them watching me,

they are waiting.

I have practicedandpracticedandpracticed

yet the nerves were stabbing into me 

these icy comets, samming into my chest.

You would think up here in space, the distance

between the audience and I, that I could not see all the eyes staring back

at me. 

Each iris is a shimmer is my view.

I have made it so far up here, I can see my competitors, 

my parents, my team

why couldn't I have felt this way in the preliminary rounds?

The gravity of these thoughts tug

at me while the comets continue to fly and I am still soaring. 

I open my mouth.

Being so high past the earthly confines,

I did not expect my ability to breathe.

Yet, here I am 

I am breathing and I am soaring and I am ready

This will be everything to me.

I can fear the expanse no more. 

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