the cost.

You give only a second of your time to another person,

And that second multiplies.

Into hours,





In one moment, It all stops.

From that moment on,

you give the seconds of your time to a memory,

and that second multiplies.

Into hours,




then years.

Then in one moment, you realize, it won't stop.

The wound will heal, but the scar remains a time portal.

What an investment!

Invested with the hope that the reward would be worth it.

But it was worthless.

The time spent dwelling only feeds the monster, burning the insides while your soul screams.

The voice sharper then the blade that was shoved into your back by the one you trusted to hold it...

The cost.

To lay everything you have on the line for another to hold.

For the other one to take your insides and play with it.

To let it slip in between the very fingers you once held.

The cost of these moments are priceless.

I assume?

You live and learn, because what you saw in that one human being,

is doormat somewhere deep inside of you.

So the next time you think about playing a game,

check the price and the value that you hold inside the cavity of your chest.

And you will see,

no matter the person....

it will be expensive.



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