Corvus exspectationem


It’s never vocalized or stated clearly, but it exists – that is, in theory

A shadow cast by parents, teachers, peers, and more

Labeled “Academically-inclined”; to an automatic clique assigned

Once a hobby, now a chore

An outside pressure never felt before

Expectations and nothing more


It remains the greatest nuisance to all of us students

And undoubtedly useless; the dreaded homework we abhor

Do you  think we have the time to come up with these pointless rhymes?

I’m just tryna meet some dimes or take a nap right on the floor

Our time is just as precious as yours

Just expectations and nothing more


When PowerSchool causes anxiety, our worth is determined by an “Honor Society”

With high prospects, is disappointment what you implore?

Quizzes as a detector; the inverse tangent of a vector

Forty minutes of a lecture – yet time between, only four

I’m not the genius you’re asking for

Expectations and nothing more


To sit and ask how to top the last -

Works and poems of the past, is this what you’ve been asking for?

Disapproval is a risk, because of standards that preexist,

But let that thought be dismissed – another tally to the score

These things in life you have to ignore

They’re just expectations and nothing more


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