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Metro-Detroit (2009)
United States

What happened to faith and honor

What happened to our morals

The fake faces are looked up to

While the great go unnoticed

The famous are counterfeit

While the praiseworthy are ignored

Popularity is unachievable

While our own goals get torn

What was once genuine is now gone

The true talent unborn

Being smart, no longer good

Looked down upon in school

Didn’t realize being successful

Is now lame and not “cool”

The public values fantasies

The youth is misled

No more realism to see

It’s true, Hip Hop is dead

Only more gossip about celebs

The world’s less efficient

Using more than we need for our wants

Our lives somehow less sufficient

We should call out in distress

Because the world is wronged

We need to fix this mess



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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