One to another it began to spread,

so much about it is being said,

we did not prepare,

because when it first came around noboy seemed to care,


schools, churches, and workplaces are being closed down,

because coronavirus seems to come around,

a cure for it has yet to be found,

all outside is silent not a sound,


toilet paper people seem to go for,

do not keep leaving in and out of your front door,

leave if you have to go to the store,

life seems like a horror movie and much more,


hold your head up high,

have faith that you won´t die,

do not get the virus or at least try,

calling this a fantasy would be a lie,


distance is needed so you do not get it too,

many panic and do not know what to do,

they say it is ten times worse than the flue,

and that is true.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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