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In the dark are lifeless hopes
Scattered just like the dreams of old.
Where are the stars? She said to the cold,
And what is it like exactly to cope
When the doors are slowly closing shut?
It's nothing but a few tears! Your soul is cut,
Desperately calling out from down below
Grappling with The Pit for pity in light!
And isn't it sick that thy life can begin,
And then be so swiftly taken away again?
He said to the cold, what are the stars?
What is "coping"
When the windows are open with scars
At the window panes for panicked escape?
Is there no breath to take?
Oh, how he screamed in the open air
When I ripped his soul from there,
Begging, sobbing choking on hope.
I'll tell you now you will not cope.
Fund your useless thought elsewhere,
You will not find it in the trees or the sky!
I tell you now that this, "hope"
Will be all you have left when time goes by.


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