Cooler Than Me (On the Outside)

Deception is everywhere that we look,

In every cranny and in every nook.


You got designer shades just to hide your face,

And you wear them around like you're cooler than me.


They don't even know what's hurting.

On the outside I'm confident,

But inside my joy is fading,

And I don't know if it's become evident.


I got you all figured out,

You need everyone's eyes just to feel seen.


Why do they always have to stare,

And treat me like an outcast?

Most of them never even dare

To suspect my pain will last.


You never say "hey," or remember my name,

And it's probably 'cause you think you're cooler than me.


It's a miracle I can get any sleep.

Their faces haunt me in the night.

I can only seem to lay and weep.

Why am I so cold and heartless?


Behind your make-up, nobody knows who you even are,

Who do you think that you are?


I've built up all of these walls,

Each brick placed with every lie.

With myself I have these nightly brawls,

From all the times life has gone awry.


'Cause it sure seems you got no doubts,

But we all see you got your head in the clouds.


My mind is always stuck in the clouds,

Floating aimlessly with my dying heart.

As I listen to their silent sounds,

That pierce my ears like a dart.


I dream of the escape but I never try,

Spend all my time wishing only to fly.

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