This illusion I've seen in my expressionless face
Mirrored hate at a being that doesn't have words, and never existed outside cruel minds that ought to have been left behind
Qualties that aren't etched into this skin
The reality of it all is truly thin
Getting rid of past destructive whims
I am not so sick as to delve in them again for the single tinge of a meager satisfaction
Converting  former beliefs of naivety into disinterest of false hymns
The refinements in myself that others have deemed monutmental, are simply miniscule for they are who I am, and not what they believe
Expressing my own opinions to myself, and to others, more emphatically
To every small irrationality, for in all absolute possibilities I have not yet been presented evidence of my insanity
I am a living breathing masterpeice, full of flaws but this is my sanity
Showing that despite my years being smaller than theirs, I can hold a candle and light a flame
Towards a tomorrow, and remembering my yesterdays, living in this present, having linear and horizontal and curved thoughts, not quite amok
Fitting in isn't what I am, even these words, typed thoughts, are so close to being me, in my entirety, they cannot encompass all that I am and have done and am yet to do


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