The president of stealth

            You come upon our domain

            Invisible: ghost; roaming within shadows

            Vile, cold and merciless…


            You par as assassin

            You enthrall our minds, bend our lives

            Premier the weather forecast of your haven

            We cringe and tremble to your name


            Fear the night of sightless figures

            We are your pawns

            You are our Kings; wielding life and death

            Use us, we are expendable


            We never neglect your name

            Nor do we wane its weighed game

            Still we contradict its control

            Yet you chain our minds

            Reap our hearts

            And turn friends to enemies


            Our skulls reflect honor

            Our morals endure torment

            You call upon the forest as we are your slaves

            For you are the predators


            As we are the cattle   














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