Sun, 04/14/2024 - 20:29 -- Andreee

Are you controlling

Will you push me

Will you abuse me

Will you hurt me

Do you have these voices in

 in your head too

Ooh oh oooh 


Oh you can hurt me 

You can take control

Push me in the dirt

I’m already bruised

And cut up by life


So will you help me stand

Or push me back down

I don’t care what you do

Cause I’ll love you either way


So will you

Will you take control

Will you push me down

Will you hurt me

Will you abuse me

Ooh oh oooh


Oh no

Maybe I’m paranoid

Just a little insane


I don’t care what you do

Cause’ I love you


You can take control

You can stab me in the back

You can push me to the breaking point


You can cheat

You can lie

You can hate

You can hurt

But I’ll still love you


I don't care if i’m crazy

I know I’m insane

Because I love you

Is it strange

I’ll never hate you 

Even if you do?



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