I thought I was in
I pushed feelings away before just for protection
But these feelings I have no control over
You touch me and I lose it
I want to melt into you
Like nothing else ever mattered
Like the only thing I ever needed was love
Like you are God and I am a sinner
But wait…
It scares me when my feet can’t touch the floor
When I’m flying so high on cloud nine
I can’t find the escape door
And it scares me to think that your hands can move mountains
That your words could start movements
And your eyes could take mine captive
Your eyes are like drills searching a soul tap
Taking their fill and leaving me speechless
Taking sips of love and oxygen leaving me breathless
But when your hands reach out to pull me in
Your body becomes a shelter
Your arms friendly and inviting
Your eyes no longer penetrating but soft spoken
And I find comfort here
I am not in control but I am home
The lights are on
And the fire’s warm


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