The Contradiction That Gives Me Life

It flows around us,

Above us, below us.

It sets us afloat

And drags us under and drowns us.

It gives us vitality and it lulls us to sleep.

It induces tears and brings laughter.

It is with us in times of sorrow,

 and in times of our greatest joys.

It has existed since the dawn of time,

 and it will never die.

From the cradle to the mosh pit,

We carry it with us without flaw.

From the memorial to a couples first dance,

We fail to forget its power.

It expresses and it buries,

It heals and it rips open.

It gives us all a common ground,

but, separates us by taste.

It is dark and it is light,

It is good and it is evil.

It is soft and it is loud,

It is simple and it is complex.

It is death and it is life.

It is my life.

My heart beats in time with it,

and my emotions flow through it.

It comforts me and reminds me to take risks. 

It helps me learn and it helps me forget.

It connects me to others but allows me to escape.

It is my only friend when I am alone,

And my worst enemy when I want to be numb.

Without music there is no more life.

There is no more me.

There is no more…

This poem is about: 
Our world


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