Contradicting Society


We’re living in a contradicting society

A society where most protest against abortion

But in the same breath look down upon teenage pregnancy

A society where parents point a stern finger telling you what not to do

But yet, they show you what not to do

Where everything you see is about being wind thin, and modifying everything that God gave you

Where every flip of the magazine its makeup telling a female it’s okay to make up who they want to be

And they end up losing self while trying to find confidence in something they could only dream to be

We live in a society where school is nothing more than a game in the eyes of a student and a paycheck in the eyes of a teacher

We receive test that determine our futures, we try our best, and yet society still spit pity and shame on our name, and tell us that we will never be anything

The schools where they say no child left behind

But in the classroom, the teacher simply states... If you’re behind, you’re just behind... You can catch up on your own time

We live in a society where little girls grow up to be what they see, to try mimic big sisters, and mothers

That only a sculpture of everything not to be

Where little boys and girls go looking for the love that was thrown through their parents’ lips like honey as it drips to the mouthes of the unfeed but it was never showed

And they end up dead or on the streets

Where the adults tell adolescents and teens things like

“You aint gone never be anything, you need to try harder, if only you were lil smarter”

And they wonder

why we just stopped trying

They feed us teen’s words of disgrace, and they expect us to take it as encouragement, like its healthy nourishment

But instead it comes off the lips like pins and stabs and sticks to the the mind of teens with a sense that they never will be anything

They could never be anything, and they end up losing truth in their parents who once told them they could be the President of the USA

And now the only thing that seems to matter to the teen, was the words used to surpress their now shattered dreams

We live in a society where everybody is one and nobody stands out

Voicing only others opinions and never letting the real them out

A society where everybody join hands and in the same manner join forces, only by the color of their skin

A contradicting society where it’s said over and over again how everybody is equal

But the white man, as well as the black man says things that is dared spat from each other lips

And a close eye is upon each race, just because of the judgmental

We live in a society where they say everybody is free

But the black man is controlled by chains, and whips..

And the white man controlled by power, and greed

We live in a society where when it’s all said and done everybody, no matter what color, race, or ethnicity

All crave, and long for the same thing

A contradicting society where everybody pushes away the love, as if it were a disease

A society where care isn’t among most because most are blinded by the silk material of their cherished things

Or their utter disgust of others based on stereotypes, and first impressions that wasn’t meant to be

Because they would never give those people the time of the day, they read or heard about them instead.

We live in a society where nothing was made to be equal, but it’s written that we all live in equality

Nothing was made to be the same, but we all strive to be like the ones we see on the tv

A contradicting society, with clueless minds, that no longer have a voice of their own

But a script that was already written with a sad and forbidden tone


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