Continuation of Creation

I find myself writing as a poet

and as a writer

things in this world I don't understand

trying to decipher

life's mysteries, and working hard to understand

our freedoms, liberties

For which we fight and battle

to claim small victories

I call them small because alone

we don't stand tall

and for many with their pride

comes their fall

no single poem caught 

my eye

but inspired to write and continue

I try

as a poet, I use the art

to express

not to shorten a message

or compress

but to extend some insight

to adress

public issues more than just political


but rather to let out my heart

and confess

my passion to create knows 

no bounds

the feelings in my heart rise

and as it pounds

I continue to write poems to fill 

a hole

fill it with something that could 

be stole

but nonetheless will inspire and bring others

to admire

no matter what in the world

may transpire

so with this go forth from

any nation

and set out to make a proclamation

of creation


This poem is about: 
Our world
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