~ by Debi Lyn 09/01/22, 12:58 - 1:20 am


Sliding into bed beside me & effortlessly easing into a position just above my anxious body, not losing eye contact as you penetrate my very soul with your fixed, confident gaze & lower your lips to mine, pausing briefly to smile & brush the backside of your hand against my face, along my cheek to my neck & tween my collarbones, letting the thick, hungry passion between us swell & threaten to overtake us.


Lost in the intoxicating kisses of desire, you ignore the pleading of my hips to seize the opportunity, to take me... more of me... all of me; and instead, you continue teasing my wetness with tempting touches, moving with a maddeningly slow but tight, firm, rhythmic motion, allowing your heat to stir the pool beneath you & more than adequately building Mt Vesuvius to its highest peak...


Against a mound of moaning, your movements were so sublimely ....horizontal, maintaining contact with every sexual nerve ending + a few, that I literally lost myself in the perfection of it, & just as I'd reached Pleasure's pinnacle, you groaned deeply, & I felt your fullness reach its own peak from which we savored a simultaneous, sensationally EXTENDED release of unmatched satisfaction & fell exhausted into paralyzed completeness.


Then you lingered inside me as I contracted tightly around you, reluctant to break away.... & so we stayed - just like we were - until we gave in to sleep.



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