constitution of love

There is a low in our life sanction 


call low of love and discussion


People start to speak foreign language


Thought become blur more


Brain write the bath of sorrow


Far distance in no man land


Outlandish away from god away from devil


Gravity pull us more and more


Sacrifice our happiness for loss


Eyes tearing from out side 


parts start to check with each shake


Deny is our only companion now


Will you break the chain


Would be the who break the pain


Will he still remains inside your eyes


Don't blame yourself don't blame them


Blame your heart blame your eyes


Our eyes lies our hearts shake


Taking the wrong turn in not crime


The muddied when we don't get back


Am waiting on the same turn 


looking at the same shipyard


Waiting at same I see you first time


They fool my head with stupid lies


My soul flying around the city 


my soul lost can't find my body 


my body is missing my heart 


am just useless piece of flesh


Would you forgive my weakness 


would you accept as I am 


would you take me inside of you


Please let me in just for once


Let me Show  for once who I am 






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