Constant Stream Rant

Gazing out into the vast, flat plains, of the world. The green that stretches for what seems forever. Climbing up into the rolling hills that are so faint and distant they almost seem magically fake. Like a backdrop purposefully placed for your eyes. Like him, the parallel opposite of what attracts you but somehow there’s something lingering between each other’s gaze. Something you can’t place, something you can’t hold, but you know the universe put him into your life for a purpose. That reason is unclear but you keep digging, searching for why this person, whom you’ve never been interested in, seems to intrude exponentially on your inner being. You question if his existence was solely to help you find yourself. That eventually your paths would have to cross in order to find who you truly are. Than you come to the conclusion that this is the most selfish explanation of all time, that not one person could be so soulfully important, to fulfill you’re inner being. That maybe you were put here for his life, for his human existence. But still that is selfish, and you feel used, that all of a sudden whatever you were doing or feeling was pointless if for that one other person you are an object, aiding to their success, merely an accomplice. You assume this person whom you have just met feels the same gravitational pull towards you that you feel towards them. If this is how the universe works, that if soul mates are real. This unconscious searching for that one moment with that one person is scary. That it could change you completely, alter everything you thought you were. Something that could change your whole world upside down, the person you thought you were being so impeccably wrong. Is this why we tend to hate the things we don’t know, the things we don’t understand. Is this in place because we don’t want to change ourselves in fear of seeing what we have become or might one day be. Stop living in fear and step out into the sun with the stretches of green and rolling magical hills.


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