Tue, 09/12/2017 - 01:02 -- lizann

funny how consistent you seem to be

in my mind as the sun starts to leave

behind a trail of the classic gold and pink 

that you made symbolic of my loving

fleeting youth

so tell me the truth

Do you love him?

Let's say you do

no wait, I haven't considered that

because I live in vain 

and I live for you

funny how consistent you seem to be 

in my poetry

a buzzing bee

get the hell away from me

you sting

but you do not kill

would I rather die from the poison called time?

or the poison when I call you mine?

either way you do not kill me

only I

so it's time to decide

how do I want my blood to escape?

without you in my veins or with you in my brain?

one is never ending annoyance and headache

the other life draining 

but what are the stakes?

I am rhyming then I'm not

that's what you do to me

but this is all I've got

so do what you do to me

because this is all I've got

but with all that I've got

the one thing that's not

is you here with me

so please

tell me

do you get the same consistency

aching in your brain making it hard for you to read?


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