As she lies awake in a dark room

Nothing but the wind and the tock of the clock

Endless sirens and lights flash in the distance

Her nightly lullaby- consistent

You see, that word conflicts her

Becuase she wants it on the daily

But her thoughts and perspectives stay changing greatly

A guy once told her to be "consitently constistent on a consistent basis"

Which every day she embraces

Becuase the character within her shall always stay true

Yet the cognition and positions will forever renew

But what is consistent, is the thought of a guy

First encounters of him being so fly

This older dude on some playa hype

Got caught talking to this wifey type

Things have never been the same since

Six years later they still sit and reminice

Project floors, pillow talks and their first kiss

Just some of the things they can't dismiss


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