Conscienceless love

Strangely it looks
How his world collide with thine
Still happy is he
For it's a pleasure he cherish

In front of the he pretend to be grim
Whilst Dawn till dusk he still seek thee
Like a man lost in the woods in search of trails
He follows your footsteps every single day

Midnight it is
Yet thou still glow
Like the summer sun's glow
Nice, but how could it just be

So he boast 'can't perfect for them'
Be it anyone I still won't comprise
But be it may he still can't tell
Why he perfect in from of thee

Happy but sad yet I am
What if for eternity he can never be thine
Thou will zoom back in no time
Innocent he sit crying all night

Ohh! I pity him but what do I
Love is to young to Know what conscience is.

Art by Asuku


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