"Go Ahead, what you waiting for?

Go ahead and pop open that door.

....Yeah I've done this before.

Go on and sip on this some more.

You say you about that life so show me what you got...

Yeah... i like you a lot and i was kind of thinking we could".....


I sat looking into the eyes of someone I thought... 

let me not.

I just came to have a good time, but now my 

minds racing, 

rooms shaking , 

and his words steady pacing. I know what he wants...

As he caresses my thighs, I see the desire in his eyes, Oh lord 

their so divine 

Like Christmas lights in the night time.

But this is now a game and I have to play.

Objective:... leave with no discrimination in my name. 

Baby I might be new to this world that I"m  in, but im in control of the possessions I captivate within.

So yeah. I'll take another sip and kiss every crevice of your lips, 

But now you know who's in control cause yo eyes sittin low,

and what you thought you knew is no more. 

This is new to you huh?

Feeling off your game?

Like nothing was the same...?


Im telling you I'm not the one, I know you see it...

Something in my eyes has you hypnotized. 

Wondering what's so memorizing..... about me.

Baby dont you see?

That all the other's you mess with aint me?

I dont usally play games but if you play me i play back, but just remember that....

I'll NEVER be the one to chase and catch,




you can save that game for the rats...



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