Conquering Darkness


United States
28° 56' 21.3324" N, 81° 18' 24.9552" W

As I step into the darkness of this world, I can see.
I observe the blind and the needy
for they truly are oblivious to light.
But may their soul be purified,
a chance to conquer darkness will arise.
I know of light, for he is my father.
I know of evil, for he stars as my temtation.
Although, once upon a time, I was the blind and needy.
I was consumed by the enemy.
But this enemy was weak and the light had pure strength.
I braced the opportunity to conquer darkness.
This victory, I marveled in it.
And so I say, as I step into the darkness of this world,
light is on my side.
For I have conquered darkness.



This was amazing, Thank you for sharing!


Thank you so much.

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