A Connector's History

Before one of the
Korean’s sang his songs of fame
With his friend being green
To the galaxy around 
And even before a job of a fruit
Became famous with its i's
With which it cooks itself even now

A world leader
Lived his life
With all his
Absurd ideas

A world leader
Was he
With all his
Ideas to be trendy
With lot of new series,
Shapes, designs and wishes

On the hands
Of all, from all walks
Of life
He was known by all
Such as rubber, tyre factory workers,
To the lovely designers of fashion, scientists
Photographers, businessmen, gamers and so on
A true trend setter

Testing new technologies
Such as nanotechnology,
Getting energised by lightning,
Cycling and bringing torch lights,
Radio transmitters, expressive and colourful
back covers and panels with works so artful
A transparent pick with a bold font of blue
Few developed with the friendship of a penguin 
And many others too 
To name a few of many such
And to be almost one
With nature too

New trends did he does did set in forth
Years after years
From durability and connectivity
And inventing something new
He was never to be beaten up
He was surely
A first love to many indeed

Then came something else so new
From west, middle and east
With their own infights among some
And copying from one other
And many others.
And the man in green bought
Something with a motto
And selled it off
The Korean was also on
And was in the verge
Of cutting the green
In the middle came another
Sailing out as a fish from the water
Right from the leaders own nativity 
And also were there
Berries in black also in the lead
And a son from Japan 
With his own experimentations

The leader saw it all and was a rather little late
To implement something new and
Artistic like before to beat the news
The others began to set in new rules
Many moved on from the leader
And so he joined his hands with another
A bad time, did all around consider for he to do such
Sad were many and some

But the views were all totally new
With illuminating squares all around
Of various accent colours
And backgrounds of
Dark and light
Yet a little did it all got sold
He also joined with the greens
With the squares
And little did his genes got changed

He joined with the girl with specks lately
His colours got even more colourful
And she bought him whole
Without a change in name
They were of a different couplet
Not like anybody else

Truly did he connect people
Years ago and so does he do to
Connect people even now too
And to get people
Get connected in future too
He really is an icon of
Connecting people


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