Tue, 05/20/2014 - 19:17 -- S_Mykal


I stand on a corner

Glistening skyscrapers above

Smooth concrete below


I stand and wait

For lights to change

Red to green, all the same


I know as I stand

A passing stranger’s eyes will meet mine

A sliding glance will turn into a double take


I will be captive for a moment

Held by a soul connection

Although we are strangers


It is for this reason I write

Waiting for a soul connection

You read my words as I wait


It is for you I stand and wait

Just look up for a moment

Just look again and make a connection



That's really touching. You wonder how many people see you everyday; imagine if you made that connection with everyone and took a second to smile or say "hi." This is a really good poem. 

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