Thu, 07/24/2014 - 19:31 -- Tbird96

Everything struggling for the upper hand
Vying for unbroken attention
Building up to the utmost degree
Overflowing like a spilt dam
So many choices; Yanking like chains
I keep dragging through everyday
Growing wearier as time consumes my youth
I turn my head to look at the chains
A most puzzling sight I must confess
The end of the chains were not adorned with weights
But with images, choices, and decisions made
The path ahead is littered with portals
Each one pertaining to another
I gazed into one to see what it held
Each portal retains a past choice
The past choice leading to the portal
In each one I get a glimpse of the future
Uneasiness washes over me as I clamber from one to the next
My future was playing favoritism to bad habits
Out of nowhere the portals dispersed
Leaving me alone; my ball and chains gone
In a void of unwavering uncertainty
Lost in a pit of confusion


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