My heart longs for you,
But its broken,
Can it ever trust you?
With you I could fly,
Now both my wings are broken,
I love you,
But I'm scared to trust you,
And so is my heart,
I'm too broken to think,
I don't understand,
I thought we were meant to be,
It hurts too much,
To be with you,
And the pain without you,
Makes my very being ache,
Can I ever trust you?
Why do things have to be like this?
My heart is on alert,
It is now guarded,
Can I ever love you again?



I had love once although I didn't know it,, life got In The way the years flew bye, when I finally slowed Down long enough to realize it that the love I had was real, I went looking for it, I found
I opened myself up said how much I've always loved you, and my response was I have always loved you two, it's never to late to tell the person you love

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