I find myself conflicted 
Full of rage
Tears held behind 
Just for their sake
No longer do I see the love
Just the hate 
I'm ready to scream 
And find that sudden relief 
Yet I stop myself 
I stop and think 
Am I right to be mad?
I beleive I am 
But another part of me says no 
So I ponder on 
Feeling ready to cry 
Then to punch away 
The demons within me
That feed off the anger 
The rage consuming 
The flames erupting 
So hard to control 
My soul is empty 
Marked and unloved 
Ready to disperse 
To leave the world behind 
And start anew 
In a place so quiet
In a place so peaceful 
In a place so beautiful 
It would bring my eyes to tears 
Once I'm there
Id be free
Free to be me 
Free to roam in peace 
With no worries in mind 
Just being at ease 
I would finally be happy ...


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