Confidence Powered Speaker


When you first asked for my name

The first thing that comes to mind is the number of times I will lie to you

How many times do I have to sequester behind these curtains with the fear of you judging me

Because you see, my mind is an iris scanner that looks you in the eye and always malfunctions

And I will never let you into the depths of my inner being with the fear of you puncturing my inner structures

These walls that stand tall surrounds me and bounds me 

My mouth is a speaker powered with my own confidence

every time I speak my voice gets a little quite because of past rejections

You see behind this facade that I put on every single day you will see my imperfections

Imperfection that was mentioned by people like you which cause me to reject myself.

And if you actually get the chance to go into my closet you will see behind all the nice thing that I put in front of it my skeletons that I'm scared to show you.

The skeleton itself is collecting dust for some time now, but it's still laughing at me

Behind the fire in my eye you should know that one tiny criticism can burn these walls that I put on that surrounds me and bounds me.

I'm scared of showing who I really am since the slightest criticism can and will destroy me

But if we can all get pass that I can introduce myself to you

Hi, my name is Abiel

I love pancakes

I love to sing along to the radio even though I'm horribly out of tune

I like marvel comics a lot

and sometimes, sometimes I pretend that I'm a superhero saving a damsel in distress

but not so often do I really show people who I really am


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