Confidence is Key

Tue, 11/18/2014 - 20:43 -- Meggs99


Depression, comparisons

Oh no you're wrappped in

Who is that girl

Who sends you in a whirl

She has the dainty features

While you stand in the mirror looking like a creature

Thoughts race, you cry

You start to wonder why

Are you satisfied with yourself

Or would you rather look like somebody else?

Oh look another girl who is your friend

She's too pretty, could this be the end?

So many guys check her out

Is that what you want to be about?

The voice of insecurity is ringing through your head

But wait, there is another voice instead

It whispers "You're good enough alright?"

Don't let the other voice drain your might

You are beautiful just the way you are

Don't let your self image be marred

I guess what I am trying to say

is that I can admire my way

of saving myself from the voices

that tell me I am not making the right choices

Also I can say I like my confidence

I now know how to keep my insecurities from being a nuisance

Even though people may disagree

I appreciate my flaws and feel free








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