Confidence is key.



Self esteem? What was that… If you asked me, I couldn't’t tell you.

I was always shy, I never knew what to say or do..

I wore baggy clothes, and jackets constantly…

I didn't’t want to be the girl, The girl that’s called a “Hoe”.

I wanted to feel pretty, I wanted to be loved though..

I was scared of criticism… Terrified of being noticed…

I was a closed flower, A never blooming lotus.

And then… YOU happened… and Everything fell into focus.

What should I care if they laughed? If they didn't’t like me, or the way I dressed? 

They’re not the person/people I wanted to impress…

Why should I be put down, by someone who can’t grasp the concept of respect?

I wouldn't’t be called a hoe, Because at least I dress modest.

I was constantly wearing booty shorts, with A tight fitting bodice.

Why should I be criticized by someone who has to cake on make-up, and be known by people because of who they fuck?

That’s right.. I don’t have to put up with it.

You don’t like me? Congrats, don’t talk to me.

You don’t like the way I dress? Fantastic, don’t look at me

Don’t like my make-up? Good for you, I do.

Don’t like my friends? Awesome, Stay away from them.

I’ve learned to not give any ounce of A FUCK, To what or how people think of me.

So far, It’s worked out pretty great, I’ve got friends who stand by me.

That’s all I need. Don’t let the people who don’t even know you, Put you down. Be the bigger person, and let them say what they want, Just smile and say ” I don’t care!".



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