It's very hard to figure out what i need most

from my family to the many marvelous friends that i have

but somthing that comes dearly in my heart , is my confidence

I need confidence in myself to move on with my life

from my school work to the choice i make in my future

confidence in myself is something that i need to live on with pride

to never have regrets or shame for my choices

to never be ashamed of what i choosed to do for myself

even if many disapprove

i want to be able to stand by my side and go on with my choice

i want to be proud of what i choose to do and not let anyones opinion affect my choice

so for now on

when someone asks what i need most 

it will never be a human

because i will never let someone else be in charge of my life

to be in charge of my happiness

its my life and i will do what makes me happy

so for that what i need most is my confidence

to stand up for myself and say what i need to say

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