Give me a line. 
I don’t know what to say anymore 
and I feel so exposed after feeling 
all your secrets anchor themselves 
onto my spine. I can’t breathe 
for fear of disturbing your
universe with my sound. 
I don’t think I am supposed
to think like this but I want 
bloody knuckles and broken
dishes. I want to rid myself 
of everything unwanted- thoughts, 
loyalties, pounds. I want to
slice straight to the heart
of things; fumbling for
sentences is such a 
waste and I am 
all too honest.

I don’t think I’m supposed
to behave like this but 
I want to sleep in someone 
else’s bed just to see what 
it feels like. I want to be
kissed in ways that don’t 
matter and loved in ways 
that don’t make me want 
to stay. I’m not saying I 
want to leave but I want 
to know what it feels like
to walk away. I’m afraid 
to spend the rest of my 
life in love with you 
while you watch pretty
girls on a bright screen 
and learn that there are
much better girls out 
there than me.


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