I wonder if you knew how I needed you…

I won’t tell you so, you know how my pride do.

When you leave me my feet don’t run but Lord knows my eyes do.

My sanctuary lies inside you…


I remember that day I met you…

The sky opened up and God said this one’s yours to keep.

I pinched myself til I bruised, making sure I hadn’t fallen asleep.

Maybe I’d dive for you, wrapped in chains in water 100 feet deep,

Baby, I’d die for you, nail my heart to the cross I still won’t weep.


It’s difficult to explain why I need you,

I find it much simpler to state why I can’t go without you.

I require your presence because you’re the foundation of my sanity.

You’re strong when I’m unable to be.

It’s crazy to me, how your world could be crashing and you still come off as stable to me.


As I look back on my actions how could I be so blind?

You fed me love, and I bit your hand time after time.

But I’ve changed my tendencies in order to change your name.


Save me, I’m a fish washed up on the beach side,

Tired and waiting on the sound of the tide.

In other words I’d do anything to see you wave again.

Drown me once more, I no longer need to see the sun shine.

Your smile is enough to brighten my life until the end of time.

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