Confess Your Sins, Confess My Soul, Cleanse My Sins

"Moving away, even though it hurts" 

Let the scabs fall from our eyes,

can our truth fall from the skies 

Or be revealed by stones and the stars above,

prayers or scrolls from old 

If I stare and scream into the abyss,

will it turn its eye to me 

Muffles, walls, how does a person ignore the world 

Tiny eyes gaze towards the sky,

to a false hope of freedom 

Can you send me to your promise,

with your voice with those shaky words 

Convict the soul of the man to live,

give up the spirit to die again 

With broken wings, I prayed to fly,

but now I can see the bottom waiting for us 

You fell with your back to it all,

and I can't seek comfort because you're blind to it all 

Anoint my head, make me formed, touch my back 

Wash my feet, kiss my neck, and slap my face 

Close your eyes, pray me whole, then kill my soul 

Here is a quiet whisper, a humble prayer from my lips   

Closed doors, there is just stale air to breathe in  

A painted picture, a red mark and a torn part  

Broken wrists, my own red, a dropped voice, my own missed  

Called something that should have never been  

Satisfaction brought me back for more  

Maybe if it hurts it won't lead me far back  

An oath to take to never turn back once more  

Turn it over and you will fall back  


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