Concrete Jungle


I am from the concrete jungle


While homes turns to apartments
Then turn to boxes


While Manhattan represents smiles
And the ghetto represents heart breaks


While going home to pray to not get shot or taken
While my mothers holding me hoping
She can be saving me


From the concrete jungle
That is New York City


Some parts are mighty pretty
While some are the ugly 



People around think Brooklyn is scary
While people feel more safe
In a crowded place full of merry
Called Times Square


The city of lights can eat you with the bolts
And spit you out with no murder note


So here you are in the concrete jungle
Living in a small apartment in the ghetto


Where your child goes to school across the street


While your five year old child witnessing
Her best friends
bruises from getting beat
From her parents


And not forgot the creeps
That live across the street
From where your child goes to school


And you don't want the worst thing to happen
So you think and act like a fool


While the next day you see the amber alert flashing
With your childs face and name
With a phone number as the caption


Praying that the worst case didn't happen
And you hear others sitting there
Laughing with denial that


They are in the concrete jungle


Knowing bad things are part of the
Bundle of the ghetto


But your brain thinks different
Cause you’re already settled


And your wife over there warming up milk in the kettle
For your ten month old son


Cause you can't afford
a microwave


And you sit there and regret
And you feel like you're gonna concave
And no one can save you


From the concrete jungle


Knowing that you don't need a license
To take a train or bus in the terminal


While you see a homeless man sitting
In the corner alone and all 


Then he sneezes and you want
To pass him a Tylenol
But you’re afraid to say bless you


Because you're a New Yorker
And you know how some are broker than you think
And you'll know they'll go crazy
When giving them attention


And not to mention
The broken stories that can bend your heart with


While you’re sitting there feeling it
Wishing you can help the situation by giving
The man a twenty dollar bill


While after he's praying thinking
God does pay attention
To the joy he wants to fulfill


And he still thinks about how your generous offer got
Him some booze
While feeling like surprised when you got this news
You remember your from the concrete jungle
And people aren't always friendly and generous
like you


While people don't say thank you
When you open the door


And he gives you a look that he might be kind of sore
From sleeping on the floor on
Their one bedroom apartment


Because he wanted his wife and four kids
To sleep in the big bed
So they can rest


And instead of worrying about their lower back
Or if their credit card number is


Going to be hack by a crook
Who doesn't take a second look back


At the broken man
Who finally understands


That he is from the concrete jungle
And life is always going to be a


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