The Concrete

My nature is black!
But i'm standing taller than egyptian stands;
All because my feet are planted on unshakeble grounds,
I'm a never fall, Watch me; This how I spawn!
Though the wind be blowing traps on my way,
I'm a keep on falling back into place
Even when the sky be raining sand all my days,
I'm a keep clean never let a spot on my name!
Who cares about fame?
I put head right in the game
Surfing in between brilience, my mortality's-
Got me looking round; ain't no feeling then the one in me,
Am on a quest for somthing more bigger than abnormally,
In case i took it too far sort of like is drowning me,
I'm a never forget the road lies in front of me and the stars be shining high above of me.
Only cause of one reason: I came up from the concrete!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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