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The concept of the words that i speak ,the words that i prech, the words that i say with such a stady flow, poetry touches on so many concepts in just one beat, it makes the heart wake up from its sleep, it makes a man and woman think, it makes a child day dream, i am in love with she and her name is poetry, for she is a concept much more than just you and me she is the cration, the one who knows all contravercy, her concepts are the most beautiful things in the world, she can speek in many diffrent ways ,and she never sounds the same , she is love , she is hate, she is happiness, and lonelyness, she is it all , poetry is her name and the concepts in your mind is her game ,she says the things most wont , she lives a way most fiar , she never gos, always here to stay, so i say to  you on this day i am in love , and she is poetry , and no one can come in between , ME AND SHE 


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