Always be sure to read your Bible everyday so that you will always have Gods word on your mind and in your heart. It is very important that you do this in order to live life the way God wishes for you too. Be sure to never put anything ever above the Lord our God that is the first commandment. Most importantly, be sure to love the Lord our God with all your heart, soul, and mind. This is the greatest thing you can do. To do this is to spend an eternity in Heaven. Second most important, love your neighbor as yourself, if not more than yourself. God tells us to do this. Never do any kind of work on Sunday. This rule is most often broken and the day is viewed as much more causal than what God intended for it to be. Remember that, and to not be a sheep and follow in the ways of the world. Another good rule to follow is to honor your father and mother. They typically know what is best for you and God tells us to do this. You should not steal candy, clothes, shoes, or anything else from anywhere. Even if you see others stealing, know that is wrong and that God tells us not to that. Do not take the life of a brother of yours, for that is wrong and will get you earthly problems as well as heavenly problems. You should not ever tell a lie, not even a little white lie. Do not lie to your brother, mother, farther, friend or anyone else. God tells us this. Keep the Lords name holy, never use it in vein. This shows grand respect and lets the Lord know that we love Him and praise His name, not use it in vein. Do not have sexual interactions with anyone other than your partner that God has paired you with. This is important. God commands us to never commitment adultery. Another thing that pleases the Lord is when we do not covert our neighbors possessions, such as wife, children, home, and other things. The Lord does not like this so it must not be done. Importantly, just remember to love the Lord; and He will love you. This is what He tells us.

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